Do you feel called?

Many clients contact me after their own breakthrough asking how they can learn to guide people to healing. This type of ministry is not learned overnight, and frankly some aspects are hard to teach. For this reason, I offer a customized mentorship program.

I do know that the Lord is seeking more willing vessels to help His people. If you are interested in a mentorship to learn how to help others achieve emotional freedom and well being, the basic requirements are:

  • Complete CARE Intensive and perform at least 30 raindrop technique practicums.
  • Read the book, Born to Be Free, and complete the exercises within.
  • Commit your intentions to the Lord and seek Him for guidance and confirmation.

The Process of Mentoring

Set up a Weekend

Contact me when you are ready to set up a time to discuss a mentorship program. You will need to schedule at least 5 raindrop appointments, preferably not all family members. These clients will be charged the full cost of a Raindrop/Emotional Release session. The appointments need to be scheduled within a 2-3 day time frame. I prefer no more than 4 clients per day, but I will work with you on scheduling.


I will meet with you prior to the appointments to discuss some techniques and answer questions. I will provide necessary pre-appointment information to be sent to each client. It is a wonderful idea for you to experience your own session prior to mentoring, if time allows.


During the sessions, you will assist with the raindrop while you observe. There will be time for discussion and teaching, and I will explain this to clients. I have never had a person object to brief interruptions for explanation. Because no two sessions are alike, it is ideal for you to participate in at least five. If you have more willing clients, up to 10 is even better.

Continued Mentoring

Following your weekend mentorship, you can always call, text, or email me with questions, concerns, or even to just share your experiences. It is my desire to lead people in this ministry so that even more people can experience the type of freedom and healing that I have witnessed on my table. That is why there is no cost to you for mentorship. The only fee is what the clients pay for their own personal session.

Contact me for more information.