Here’s what others have said following their Raindrop:

Jennifer works with gentleness and the power of conviction in what she does. I experienced transformation in my health and attitude through Raindrop Technique. I am grateful for Jennifer’s care and expertise.

~Gwendolyn R.

Receiving a raindrop from Jen McCraw is an experience unlike any other. Raindrops are highly therapeutic. Jen goes above and beyond the “technique” so that it is spiritually and emotionally tailored to only you. To be both given a raindrop and taught by Jen is a blessing to behold. Because of her special connection with the Lord, in my mind, you will not receive another raindrop or training like hers.

~B.J. D.

Jen addressed my emotional concerns so well that years of hurt are washed away! It was absolutely the most amazing thing I’ve experienced; life changing.

~Beth Ann S.

Jennifer’s Raindrop & Emotional Release work have a welcomed spiritual element. I was pleased with my session with her so much that I brought my husband and daughter to her. Jennifer creates a safe space for each of her clients. I look forward to experiencing this type of clearing again.

~Stephanie L.

When I received my first Raindrop Session from Jennifer McCraw, I had been in a broken, hard place spiritually and emotionally for over 2 years, due to a tragedy in our family.  During our session, I released a lot of negative emotion, and I was able to reconnect with my Heavenly Father.  Emotionally and Spiritually, I was healed, and it all began with our Raindrop Session.

~Molly V.

I found the emotional release raindrop to be fascinating. I will use the information I used today to continue my healing. Jen did a great job providing me with tools to move forward and let go of things that have been weighing me down.

~Jennifer P.

Jen was extremely insightful during my raindrop. I didn’t even realize that things from my past were affecting me as much as they were. I experienced a huge breakthrough from this experience. I highly recommend it to anyone!

~Crystal M.

My session was amazing and the Lord worked powerfully through Jen. She has a healing gift.

~Cynthia S.

Jen’s work cured my fear of flying after I was almost in a plane crash.

~Lindsey E.

Here is what some people have said about Jen’s CARE Intensive:

Loved the program. I learned a lot of skills and ways to educate my clients with knowledge about essential oils.

~Senetha H.

Jen is extremely knowledgeable and shares information very clearly. I enjoyed the class so much!

~Laura A.


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